online business customersIt goes without saying that word of mouth is extremely important for an online business or offline business. But getting customers to tell others about your company when the right time comes, is very hard.

This is why internet businesses are easier. You can pay commissions for people to refer sales to you. Needless to say, they will be telling others about your products to everyone they know so that they can get a nice income.

However, these affiliates are not really your good customers. They just want to make money. Therefore they don’t seem to be too enthusiastic when it comes to marketing your company.

Yesterday, my family and I met one of the most enthusiastic customers at an open restaurant. What happened was quite memorable and you can learn a thing or two from it.

We were at the Gold Coast in Hong Kong and had several open restaurants to choose from which were all a stones throw away from each other. The restaurant I choose to have my lunch at was a place that sold fish and chips, chicken and mushroom pie, quiche etc…A very U.K. type of meal.

There were no seats outside so we had to sit inside which we weren’t particularly happy about. After 5 minutes or so of deciding what to eat and fighting with my kids over who should sit where, we saw a table outside asking for their bill.

We got up, carried our coats and stood next to the table with huge smiles. While the waitress went to get the bill, the man who was with his wife, looked at us and shook his head. I thought he was laughing at my family being so excited over a table out in the open.

He began to speak. “If you haven’t ordered yet, I would get the hell out of here.”

We were quite stunned by the remark. After 3 seconds or so of silence, I asked “It’s that bad is it?”

That wahigh conversion rates enough to start the man off with his criticism. He spoke fast and he was clear. He listed each flaw in the restaurant like bullet points in a sales letter and gave a quick description for each.

Seriously, the whole event was the best type of negative marketing I’ve ever experienced and it worked like a charm. If there were lots of people that he could tell, I guess the conversion rate would be at least 90% – no sweat.

He talked about:

- how poor the food was

- how cold it was

- how long he had to wait to get served

- how he had to wait for a long time for the food to arrive

- how the waitress’ attitude stunk

To finish off his sales letter, the man gave proof and some testimonials. He asked us to look at his plates and on other people’s tables. We looked and saw that most plates had considerable amounts of food left over.

Then the man went on to close the deal. “I would never come here again. So now you know. You can still eat here if you want”.

The whole encounter was slightly over a minute. All it took was a minute to effectively persuade us not to eat there and get the hell out. If my sales letters were that effective in a positive manner, I could demand millions per copy.

Joking aside, think about the whole situation.

If the person had a fantastic meal instead, would he have told me about it while my family was standing next to the table?

Why didn’t the man tell people who walked past to go to other restaurants, how great the food was?

People are VERY enthusiastic when it comes to telling others how bad or poor a business’ product/service is.

They are not afraid to tell strangers what they think. And because they truly believe in it, the words come out as being very sincere and the message being very effective.

The easiest, enthusiastic customers you can have, are customers who feel cheated and are very disappointed with your products. These customers will go out of their way to tell others that they should avoid doing business with you.

If you have products which you know are poor and would piss your off, take them down from your website NOW. You’re ruining your reputation and sales. ThisĀ  type of negative marketing that you’re creating is very powerful and it’s fast.

Another type of enthusiastic customer you can have, which is beneficial to your business but much harder to motivate, is when he or she is blown away by your products and actually feels that it has help made their life much better.

For example, your ebook has really helped him to build up self-confidence and ask a girl out, or your information product helped a newbie gain thousands of visitor per month.

To get these type of customers, you have to do what you said you will in the marketing of your product and more. You need to Over Deliver with your promise.

Why are Apple customers so loyal and motivated to tell everyone how cool Apple’s products are? How come so many people must have the latest iPhone and iPad as soon as they come out?

It’s because Apple’s products look cool, they are packed with useful features, they are reliable and they do what is advertised and more. Once your products or services reach that level, you will get the reputation and the money you deserve too.

So think carefully when you launch new products and services. Think about the type of reaction your customers will have when they use your product. Combine this with good marketing and you can’t fail to succeed.