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“Get Your Own Profit-Pulling
Information Product That's Ready To
Sell Online, Establish Yourself As An
Expert And Leave The 9 To 5 Rat Race”

For Serious Entrepreneurs Only...

Did you know that every day, hundreds of people are discovering that they can leave their 9 to 5 job by running their own information products business online?

The information products industry is still undiscovered. Many people still don't realize this easy opportunity that can make them a boatload of money using the internet.

Although millions are living the lifestyle they dream of by running their own information products business, more than 99% of the world haven't got a clue about this online business that can set them free from the rat race.

This online business will give you the lifestyle you want. A life which you always thought was possible as a kid until you started working for a company and entered the 9 to 5 slave work which you can never get rich with.

Running an online information products business will enable you to:

Be your own boss. Take orders from yourself and no one else.

Establish yourself as an expert. Take all the credit for your hard work.

Wake up to work whenever you want. No need for excuses or doctor's
    certificate when you want to take the day-off.

Earn more than you can spend. Save up for your down payment or a new car.

Go on vacation with your family, knowing that your online business is still
    taking orders.

Drive the car you always wanted -- not to work -- but to visit your friends and
    travel around places. Turn heads when you drive pass the crowd.

Lend money to your close relatives and friends. Help them in need since you
    have the power to do so. Make everyone's lives happy.

Retire and still earn money from your online business. Or hand over your business to your children. No need to worry if they don't do well in their education.

Be the envy of old classmates and friends in re-union parties when you talk
    about your lifestyle and business.

Open more opportunities for yourself such as speaking at seminars and conferences.

This is the lifestyle that many people are living right now and so can you.

These results are now a reality for many entrepreneurs who have taken the decision to start their own information products business.

The fact is, making money online is possible. You too, can achieve this. You just need to be shown how and carry out the instructions.

With your online information products business, you can choose a niche which you're interested or have a passion in, and make huge profits.

It's easy to grow your online business. Just produce more quality ebooks in the same market and deliver them to your happy customers.

It doesn't take long to grow your own army of loyal customers who will buy at every new product you release - just like readers of the next Harry Potter series. They will become addicted to your information. You have become the authority in their eyes.

How A Retired Director Who Never Sold An Ebook
In The Past Year, 
Nearly Had A Heart Attack
When He Took Our Advice

One of my most memorable clients was a retired, Senior Director of a huge manufacturing company, who had a mountain of knowledge on management.

With over 40 years of management experience, this retired Director decided to sell an ebook on business management with an upsell to his coaching program. He wanted  to make some money during retirement, doing what he loves.

In 2008, he didn't manage to sell one copy of his ebook. But he had already spent more than $10,000 developing his information product.

The cost was for:

Paying a company for a flashy website which had poor sales copy. The website did not         manage to persuade any of the visitors to buy the ebook. In fact, I'm surprised if visitors     would stay on the website for more than 30 seconds.

The webmaster's fee in updating any new content he had for his website.

Marketing to people who had no interest in the product.

Paying a mentor from an internet marketing company, who offered very basic advice and
    who was too busy to answer his questions when needed.

It would be a great case study if I showed his website to you, but that would be rubbing salt in the wound.

Nobody Wants To Remember Their Failures And Financial Losses.

This retired man with 40 years of management experience, was frustrated to the point of no return. He was going to quit trying to sell on the internet.

Well he was lucky to have us critique his website and ebook.

Cutting a long story short, following our advice he immediately started to sell copies of his ebook and sell his personal coaching in the back end. 

He nearly had a heart attack. He was amazed to see that selling online really works and that he was able to make a good living out of it...we proved to him that selling online was possible.

Now take a step back and look at the situation.

What if he had someone to create the information product for him right at the start and offered him proven marketing advice that works?

He would have saved over $10,000 in expenses, 1 year of mental frustration and succeeded 1 year sooner.

This Is Our Mission Statement

To help individuals and companies save time, money and stress with selling online. To help them create a quality product from the word
GO followed with sound marketing copy and advice that will bring in the sales.

For Individuals - Your Own Online Business 
Selling Products, Making Insane Profits And
Leaving The 9 To 5 Office Life.

If you're looking to start your own online business by selling your own products, making additional income that will gradually replace your current salary, here is how our ghostwriting services will help:

Assist you in researching the niche you've chosen to see if it's worth doing business in that market.

Create a professional website to establish your presence online and start doing business.

Ghostwrite a quality ebook that you'll be proud to put your name as the author.

Save you valuable time and money. Help you avoid paying for poor quality ebooks and services that don't focus on bringing you sales.

A single point of contact for all your tasks including ghostwriting, marketing, website design and technical problems. No need for you to manage several parties.

Shave off at least 6 months of your time learning and applying the skills needed to create a profitable online business.

Establish you as an expert in your market so that you can partner with other website owners to grow your profits

There are many honest, hard working individuals who have wasted years in learning how to make money online and trying to leave their job.

They've spent thousands of dollars buying information and courses to help them make money with no profits to show for it.

With our ghostwriting package, we deliver everything you need to run your own online business that is proven to work and bring in the money.

For Companies - Expand Your Product Line
And Reach More Prospects Online

If you're a company that wants to establish your presence online or if you want to increase the number of products you sell, here is how our ghostwriting services can help.

Understand what your market wants and create products to meet those needs.

Design a professional product website for your company that is optimized for the search engines so that you're listed on the search results.

Convert your visitors into buyers. Increase your sales online.

Attract targeted traffic to your website.

Create an information product to establish your authority online.

Generate sales leads and offering them valuable information to make them trust you.

Reach prospects online who would never have known about your business.

Create a front end product so that you can gain a customer and sell them on the backend where the majority of your profits are made.

Generate referrals and repeat business automatically with your online marketing system.

Understand what your market wants and create products to meet those needs.

Instead of paying thousands of dollars just to create a corporate website that does a poor job in selling, our ghostwriting package will give you the complete sales solution on a plate.

If you already have a corporate website that has a trickle of visitors and is not making much sales, we can help you turn things around.

We will help you sell your product(s) online, drive sales to your retail business and keep your sales team busy.

Here's Why An Online Information Products
Business Will Change Your Life, Financially

There is no better time to start your own information products business. It is a proven online business model that can make the average person become their own boss, earning money that they never thought possible and can spend more time with their family.

You are selling your own unique products. You are offering valuable information which your  market is willing to pay for.

Setting up a brick and mortar business would require tens of thousands of dollars. You would also need a loan from the bank.

An online business is much, much cheaper and quicker to start.

Selling your own information product is the quickest and surest way of making money online.

The difficult part is doing the research, writing the ebook, designing the website, writing the marketing material and coming up with a marketing plan for your information product.

The amount of effort, time and knowledge to create an information product so that it's ready to sell, is enormous.

At Elite Ghostwriters, we can do all that hard work for you and implement your idea for an information product...FAST.

With our experienced team dedicated to work on your project, you'll be able to create a quality information product with effective marketing to launch your online business.

Watch And See The Amount Work
Involved In Creating A Best Selling,
Quality Information Product

That's right! Creating a quality information product with a website, sales letter and cash-sucking promotion material, requires more than 2.5 months of working full-time, 8 hours a day.

With our ghostwriting business package, you can save time, feel less stressed, produce a professional product and quickly implement your business idea.

You'll be proud to put your name as the owner of the information product and can depend on us in delivering an exceptional, information product that will sell.

Gold Business Package

Our entry-level ghostwriting package is called the "Gold Business Package".
Watch the video to see what's included.

So here's a re-cap of you get when you order the Gold Business Package:

elite ghostwriters ebook
  • 20 Page Ebook
    With your requirements, we'll carry out thorough research on your niche such as the common problems prospects have and topics they're most interested in.
    We'll assign the most suitable ghostwriter work on your ebook full-time. The ghostwriter won't have other projects to work on. He/she is dedicated to producing the best ebook for you.

    The ebook will be professionally formatted with headers, footer, copyright information and any relevant pictures or diagrams. Our aim is to give you an ebook which you don't need to modify and sell it as it is.

    Regular Cost: $657

elite ghostwriters website design
  • Complete Website Design
    Based on your niche, we'll create a high quality, professional website to showcase your product.

    The website will be created by an experienced designer who will give your business a professional look, and build trust with your visitors.

    Each design comes with:

    - a header and footer graphic
    - background image
    - an outstanding ecover of your ebook (delivered in various sizes)
    - customized order button
    - guarantee box
    - testimonial box
    - bullet points

    The design is focused on selling your ebook. Various ideas are brainstormed until the designer is sure what theme is the best for your product. You will also receive the PSD files so you can make changes to them, if needed.

    Regular Cost: $297

    elite ghostwriters sales letter

  • Sales Letter
    The sales copy on your website determines how many copies your product will sell.

    It is what persuades the visitor to see the real benefit of your product and decide to buy.

    If you have a poor sales letter, it doesn't matter how good your product is because people won't buy it.

    We'll assign a copywriter from our team that is best suited to write the sales letter for your niche.

    Copywriting (the art of writing sales letters) is an expensive skill, where top professionals can charge between $10,000 - $15,000 for every sales letter they write.

    Our copywriters don't charge that amount, but they're more than qualified to write a high converting sales letter for you.

    Regular Cost: $1,497

  • Other Web Pages
    Your website also includes several web pages to give it that corporate image and to protect you legally. These are:

    - Privacy policy
    - Terms of use
    - Disclaimer page
    - Thank you page (for customers to download your ebook after payment).

    Regular Cost: $97
The total value of the Gold Business Package is $2,548. If you place your order today, you can get everything as described and we'll give you a special discount.

The special price is for a limited time only. 

If you compare the price to the amount of money you will spend to start a brick and mortar business, you'll realize that this ghostwriting package is a bargain.

This is a proper online business that we are creating for you. Your website, product and the leads you generate are yours - exclusive to you.

“Such An Excellent Service!”

Thank you Alan for providing such an excellent service!

You really delivered the product 110% as expected and on time.  I also appreciate your thoroughness in researching the topic and delivering a very valuable service to me.

I will recommend your services to anybody at any time.

Frank Bauer
Director of Add2it.com Marketing Pty Lyd
Sydney NSW, Australia


“Knows Exactly The Product You'll Need”

I have worked with Alan over the past two years, and have met with him many times as we both live in Hong Kong.

Seriously, his command of the English language is excellent. Alan has been involved in Internet Marketing for 6 years and knows exactly the product you’ll need for your niche.

Alan takes his responsibility seriously.

When you hire Alan to create a product you will discover someone who understands the market trends, is committed to giving you the product you need, and the help to be successful online.

Bev Clement
Professional Ghostwriter
Hong Kong


“A Brilliant Writer!”

A brilliant writer and is providing an amazing service with his ghostwriting package.

He really does provide a complete 'business in a box', and literally does all the hard work for you. 

AND an amazing mini website. If I was him,  I would charge way more than he is doing  -  this one is a no-brainer!

Richard A. Cox
Suffolk, United Kingdom


“You're One Special Writer!”

I honestly have to say that I am amazed with your service.

The information product you created for me was awesome. It's definitely quality stuff from a professional ghostwriter.

Very well written and researched..

I love the way you you did everything for me. I just could not believe the price you charged for all of this. 

I really like the way you answered my emails in a timely manner. But most important of all, the package you gave me was of HIGH quality and you over delivered.

Elden Gentingon
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.


“His Sales Copy Was
Quite Exceptional!”

I get tons of work outsourced.

Most of it was ....just average from all companies I've tried. Working with Alan was GREAT. He was very professional and communicative.

The deadline was set and met. He made sure that I was happy with the quality of work. Everything was sent in multiple formats.

To my surprise, his "sales copy" was quite exceptional. I highly recommend him for your outsourcing needs.

Bradley Burnie


“You're Definitely The
Man To Go To”

Just thought I would like make some time to say a BIG Thank You. After going through my new site all I can say is WOW. You have saved me so many days of research and headaches :-)

Great choice of domain by the way you definitely are the man to go to.

Also please find the details for my next project attached, so enough of this chatting and let’s get busy making more money.

Steve Magill
Bridgend South Wales, UK


We even offer a 30 day guarantee for our writing service.

30 Day Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with the package we have created for you, send an email detailing what you don't like and we will re-do the particular parts for free.

You have 30 days to decide if you require a re-write for any particular part of your package.

After 30 days or after we deliver the re-write to you, the project ends and the full rights of the package are transferred to you.

Elite Ghostwriters

Your investment today, will give you substantial returns in the future so that you can live the life you want. Get your Gold Business Package below.

Contact Us Now To Discuss Your
Project &
Any Questions You Have

Toll Free: 1.877.309.9249
Skype: elite.ghostwriters
Email: sales@eliteghostwriters.com

Place Your Order Below...

YES!  I've made up my mind to start my own eBook business and leave the product creation and website development to the professionals.

I understand that I am getting:

- a 20 page ghostwritten eBook (5,000 words)
- a professionally designed mini-site
- a salesletter written by an experienced copywriter
- download page, privacy policy and disclaimer page

This is the smartest and quickest way to develop my own quality information product and start selling online.

On that basis, I would like to invest in the...

Gold Business Package

Regular Price $2,548  Today $997

What Happens After You Order?

  1. After we discuss your project and confirm your order over the phone or by email,
    we'll send you a form to fill out with your project details.

  2. We will stay in contact throughout the development process.
  3. Wait for your information product package and prepare to launch your business.

We Don't Accept All Orders

If we don't think your topic is suitable for us to write on, we will inform you right away.

Suitable topics include:

- self help
- information technology
- internet marketing
- weight loss
- parenting
- computers and networks
- business planning, management
- marketing
- health
- travelling
- instruction manuals
- anything which we feel comfortable on researching

Topics like gambling, sex, or anything which our writers think we won’t be able to do a good job on, will be refused. You will be informed within 24 hours of your order if this is the case.

How Long Will It Take To
Finish My Product?

The delivery date depends on the current workload and the niche chosen.

We’ll reply to your email within 24 hours with a delivery date. This is on a first come, first served basis. Your order will be finished in the order it was received.

All orders will be complete within 6 weeks. That’s our promise.

Click Here To Order Your Information Product Business

You have no more excuses. Get your online business created by professionals right now and save more than a thousand dollars with the Gold Business Package!
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