Do you know how many searches are performed just on Google every day? More than 2 Billion.

Isn't that staggering? And that's just on Google. If you add Yahoo, MSN/Live, Ask, Baidu (the Chinese search engine) and even YouTube searches, and the figure probably doubles. What are billions of people looking for?


How to do something? Where to find something? How much is something? Where? What? When? How?The internet is all about INFORMATION.

Information that billions of people are searching for daily. How can you share in this phenomenon?

How can you make money from it? The answer is...

Start Your Own Online
Information Products Business

We'll show you how. It's not rocket science. You can do it. Part-time or full-time. From the comfort of your home or office.

Inside "How To Build An Information Products Business", you'll discover...

  • How to come up with new ideas and develop new profitable products.

  • Step-by-step on how to setup your online business with your own website.

  • How to create a Clickbank ebook and have thousands of affiliates promote for you
  • How to maximize profits with your online business ?including marketing strategy, upsells, what to sell on the back-end, best ways to deliver.

  • How to drive targeted traffic and launch your online business.
    This is the exciting part. Learn how you can attract thousands of prospects to your website and turn them into eager buyers.

  • How to upscale and grow your business.

How Can You Profit From
This Free Report?

My name is Alan Cheng and I'm the CEO of Elite Ghostwriters. Our team have created many information products for our clients. 

We know exactly what you need to create an online report or Clickbank ebook and sell it on the internet.

After reading this report, you'll know all the steps needed to create your own information products to sell on your own or using Clickbank?

There are many, many people selling Information Products - ebooks and reports - on the internet and making an exceptional living from it.
On their own terms, in their own time.

Why not join them?

Alan Cheng
CEO, Elite Ghostwriters

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